Greetings from the editor-in-chief 3/2014

Is every day the volunteers’ day? Last year Citizen Forum started with the tradition to grant the Volunteer of the year an award. This year almost 100 inspiring examples came from all over Finland. During the exhibition for Volunteer activity 3.12. this new Volunteer of the year will be published.

The activity Avita kaveria (Give a buddy your hand) 2014-2016 presents itself
The main idea in the activity ”Avita kaveria – ryhdy vertaisohjaajaksi” (Give a buddy your hand – become a supportive tutor) is to regionally and nationally enable the development of supportive work and to spread good ways of functioning.

New participants in Webarena Ann Jokinen ja  Timo Ulkoniemi

Involvement was the theme for the volunteer work’s coordinators at the autumn seminar
The Finnish coordinators for voluntary work met again at the end of October in Jyväskylä. The theme this year for the annual seminar was Volunteer activity as a channel for involvement. The autumn seminar was already the seventh in a row.


Creative caring: little effort, great joy Järvenpään Siskot ja Simot Ry is a unique community for creative caring arranging low threshold opportunities to help people. There is a will to expand this popular activity to become nationwide.


Lapinlahden Lähde can revitalize the hospital
The protected Lapinlahti hospital has been unused since year 2008. The building has suffered and is generating costs, but a project group called Lapinlahden Lähde (Lapinlahti Spring) has started to plan new activity on the area.


The focus of volunteer work is about asking
On the 1st of October an international webinar covering the topic “Use of Technology to Promote Volunteering” was arranged.



Innovillage –  The Citizens in focus net-toolkit by Innovillage opens new ways of impacting for the citizens

Innovillage is an open innovation environment for health and welfare. Innovillage offers development tools based on both web applications and face to face meetings. Innovillage collects the results of this field’s development work into one place and aims for supporting the sustainable renewal of health and welfare.

Educational sailing at M/S Soste As a representative for the Citizen Forum, I had the opportunity to participate in the MS Soste cruise 8.-9.10.2014 arranged by Soste (SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social and Health). The event was well organized and provided timely educational material. Over a thousand eager representatives from the Social- and health field participated.