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Joy for the elderly from the students’ volunteer work

The drizzling rain outside will be forgotten immediately when entering Hakunila day activity centre. A lot of elderly people have gathered for the common breakfast and everybody seems to be enjoying it.

The coordinators are arranging the hall of the centre already ready for the programme of the day and are guiding the people to their seats. Some volunteers are bustling among to help the coordinators. Also from Vantaa Vocational College Varia there have come two students to volunteer.

The first year practical nurse students Aki and Elina have participated at school in the volunteer activity course lead by Jeesaan-project of the Citizen Forum. In the course they have learnt about volunteer activity and the gig at the day activity centre is a compulsory part of the course.

 Now in the morning we have helped with the breakfast and soon we will have a singalong. There will be also a quiz and doing crafts of ornamental bands. The highlight of the evening is grandma-disco, Aki and Elina tell about the programme of the day. At the volunteer activity course the students are offered various volunteer activities of which each can choose the favourite. The students have also the possiblity to choose the suitable place by themselves. Why did you choose the day activity centre?

 I chose this, because I like to be with the elderly and do things together. It is fun to be with the elderly and you can laugh a lot, Aki tells about the choise of the place.

 It’s relaxing to be here, Elina adds.

From the hall next to the voices of the singalong can be heard already and it is time to let Aki and Elina to continue the duties.

It’s a pleasant day for the volunteers and the elderly!

Text: Aino Kostiainen

The writer is a planner of the Jeesaan-project. The Jeesaan-project of the Citizen Forum – Youngster in a Volunteer Activity – has lead volunteer work courses in autumn in Tikkurila Secondary School and Vantaa Vocational College Varia. More stories about the volunteer work done by youth coming in the future. Stay tuned and follow the project in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (#jeesaannuoret)!

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