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Volunteering at The World Village festival

Before the World Village festival, we, the volunteers, had a short course, where we were told about our tasks and what it´s like at the festival. I hadn´t visited the event in question before, so it was quite nice to get to experience it. During the course, we were taught how to play Jeesaan ― Volunteering Game with people and what we should tell them about volunteering.   

There were so many tents at The World Village festival that I didn´t find our tent at first. I asked a guard for help. After getting to the tent I was given a Citizen Forum pin, so I would be identified as a volunteer of the organization easier. I kept my bag on my back just in case because during the course I was told of possible thieves.  

The staff was lovely and nice people. They offered me snacks and money so that I could have gone to buy some food for myself. However, I already had my own snacks. 

I started to play by standing so that I could be seen and by saying to people: ”Welcome to throw the dice”. It was nice when some ladies stayed to talk a bit about their own experiences and opinions. So many people expected something special from throwing the dice; when they got to know that there was only one question on the way, they left. Also, a ten-year-old boy came to me, and he could answer the question really well and sensibly. I managed to get many people to play and become interested in volunteering. Only one was left over of the brochures of Citizen Forum I had distributed.

Every now and then when there weren’t many people, I went and sat for a moment. I learnt many social skills because I used to be quite shy and I don’t like to talk with strange people. However, at the festival I was quite calm and in the end I wasn´t nervous at all anymore.

I had a really good time and got a good feeling about the World Village festival. Thank you very much for taking me there as a volunteer and I got to experience what it´s like.

Text: Khadija Meftah

The author is studying at Vantaa Vocational College Varia.

Translation: Kati Merikoski

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