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Volunteer of the year

Who is Volunteer of the Year 2023?

The tenth Volunteer of the Year campaign starts on August 14. Citizen Forum is looking for a person who may have worked as a volunteer for a long time or an inspiring beginner in volunteering, to be named as Volunteer of the Year. She can volunteer in any area or industry and anywhere in Finland. The Volunteer of the Year can also be an important force in their community, someone who excels at spurring others on, a resourceful developer of the business, or someone who is otherwise an outstanding volunteer. A person who is also paid for their voluntary work cannot be selected as Volunteer of the Year.

Suggest a recipient of the award

Anyone – both a person and an association – could nominate a recipient for the Volunteer of the Year award 14.8.-5.9.2023. On the basis of the proposals, a referendum will be held between 2.10.-31.10.2023. The Volunteer of the Year will be awarded on Volunteers’ Day on December 5, 2023.

Suggest a recipient of the award!

The Volunteer of the Year is rewarded in December

After the voting, the jury selects a recipient for the award from among the ten candidates who received the most votes. The volunteer of the year will be awarded on 5.12.2023. The recipient of the award serves for the next year as an ambassador for volunteering.

The aim of the campaign is to raise the appreciation and visibility of voluntary activities.

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