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Volunteer Fair

Helsinki Volunteer Fair is an event that connects voluntary organisations and people interested in volunteering.

The corona pandemic and related restrictive measures have made event planning challenging. Therefore, Citizen Forum has decided to cancel the 2020 Volunteer Fair in Helsinki.

Is volunteering for me?

Volunteering means taking action on issues that you feel are important.

Volunteers often learn new skills, meet new people, get new experiences, and feel that they are doing something meaningful.

You can volunteer for a day or engage for several years – it all depends on you and on the volunteering task.

Read more about volunteering and how to become a volunteer

Volunteering opportunities for English speakers

The following organisations in Helsinki region welcome English speakers as volunteers. Many of the organisations also value skills in other languages.

Allianssi Youth Exchanges

Animalia Helsinki region (In Finnish)

CISV Helsinki

Emmaus Helsinki ry

Helsingin NNKY ry (YWCA Helsinki, Young Womens Christian Association)

Lutheran Church in Helsinki

Irti Huumeista ry (In Finnish)

Kalliola (In Finnish)

Citizen Forum (In Finnish)

Kehitysvammatuki 57 ry

Lasten ja nuorten puutarhayhdistys ry (In Finnish)

Lilinkotisäätiö (In Finnish)

Luckan (In Swedish)

Maailmanvaihto ry

Mielenterveysyhdistys Helmi ry (In Finnish)

MIELI Mental Health Finland

Miessakit ry

Women’s Bank – Finn Church Aid


Finnish National Agency for Education

Punainen Risti Helsinki region (In Finnish)

Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskus Oy (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre)

Pääkaupunkiseudun omaishoitajat ry (The Associaton of Carers in Helsinki and Vantaa)

Finnish Refugee Council

Tukiyhdistys Karvinen ry (In Finnish)

Tukiyhdistys Majakka ry (In Finnish)

Finnish Committee for UNICEF

City of Helsinki (In Finnish)

Vegaaniliitto ry (In Finnish)

Wilhelmiina (In Finnish)

All Our Children

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